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  • An inspired home 01

    An inspired home

    The perfect combination of styles and objects, at the beginning so different from each others but then perfectly balanced and harmonics. This is the home of… More  →
  • Styling day 01

    Styling day

    Full days. Of projects, ideas, shots that follow each other. I am seeking the inspiration, and I look some pictures that tell a possibilities. Giornate piene.… More  →
  • Morning in relax 02

    Morning in relax

    A morning dedicated to me. With the sky gray and leaden, I do the things more I like: a cup of tea, a book of photographs,… More  →
  • A summer home in New Zealand 01

    A summer home in New Zealand

    A Scandinavian style as a basis, the whites and the blacks, the different shades of gray that are combined with fresh fabrics and natural elements. In… More  →
  • Easy living 01

    Easy living

    Romantic, almost poetic, bohemian. This is the inspiration of today, the simplicity to live following your heart. Do you agree? Romantica, a tratti poetica, bohemienne. E’… More  →
  • Lot Sixty One 01

    Lot Sixty One

    A small shared space. A bicycle repairer and a bar, together, form the Lot Sixty One Cafe. From the industrial nature, this cafe has a very… More  →
  • Nomadic essence 01

    Nomadic essence

    The nomadic soul and a free spirit. Are the features of this house, decorated in a bohemian style, which mixes wood furniture and leather, travel souvenirs… More  →
  • Taberna da Rua das Flores 03

    Taberna da Rua das Flores

    Lisbon and the Chiado district, one of the most traditional and characteristic zone of the city. Here is this little gem, the Taberna da Rua das… More  →
  • Scorpius beach club 01

    Scorpius beach club

    Wood, rattan and stone for a rustic chic atmosphere. A natural style, a bohemian luxury experience for this beach club on the island of Mykonos, Greece.… More  →
  • Thoughts and words 01

    Thoughts and words

    And I sit and think, and looking around I see the details. They are delicate, intimate, for me anyway valuable. E mi siedo a riflettere, e… More  →
  • Kinfolk gathering 08

    Kinfolk gathering

    Friends already known and those just met. The food, the wine and the laugh. The chatters and the words spoken on the skin. The sharing and… More  →
  • Still life 02

    Still life

    In every shot there is something that belongs to me. These are my moments. Share them with me. In ogni scatto c’è qualcosa che mi appartiene.… More  →
  • Beyond the surface 01

    Beyond the surface

    Gather around a table and celebrate. Ground, roots and origins. This is a Kinfolk meeting, and the pictures are really an inspiration! Riunirsi intorno a un… More  →
  • Morning 02


    The many shades of the morning. This, is slow, lazy and sleepy. Just like me! And good morning to you. Le mille sfumature della mattina. Questa,… More  →
  • A renovated colour 04

    A renovated colour

    A new color, this gray blue. Deep, sophisticated, never dull. A background that highlights the decor, giving light and visibility. A good choice, this, for an… More  →
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